bricomart | DIY and building materials


Bricomart is a company that specialises in the DIY and building materials sector. It forms a part of the Groupe Adeo, a leader in the sector of DIY distribution in Spain. It also has over 335 stores and 40,000 collaborators worldwide, constituting the second ranking group for European distribution and fourth ranking internationally. Its product range is vast, with over 12,000 articles and permanently available stock, offering the best price on the market. BRICOMART has presence in France (33 warehouses), Italy (6 warehouses), Poland (5 warehouses) and Spain (8 warehouses).

the situation:

The features of the sector in which Bricomart finds itself require an agile and competent service in personnel management in order to respond optimally to the continuous changes that occur in this market. Bricomart has a very ambitious expansion project and required a flexible tool that could adapt to its corporate development plan, as well as a reliable tool for calculations. Furthermore, it required an outsourcing service that was completely adapted to its needs, with the Seresco support team dealing directly with the individuals in charge of the Bricomart warehouses, and always under the supervision of HR. Another requirement was that it should have access to:

  • The Employee Portal, with the objective of facilitating information/documentation, and as a communication platform between the Company and its employees, via which it may manage holiday leave and assess performance.

  • The Balanced Scorecard, an application which allows Bricomart HR management to access information and indicators graphically to make Company decisions.

the solution:

Level 3 Milena Personal Outsourcing Service, with modules in the Employee Portal (includes holiday leave module), Balanced Scorecard and HR Assessment module (custom developed for Bricomart) and Prevention. As well as implementing the integration of other internal management tools (Accounting Interface, Attendance Verification and Internal Systems).