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From the outset, ARAG has worked with the philosophy that all citizens should be able to defend their rights, regardless of their purchasing power. With its headquarters in Barcelona and presence across the whole of Spain, it offers its clients a network of over 1,000 lawyers with over 80 years of experience in the market of legal expenses insurance. ARAG employees strive to encounter the best solutions to its clients’ legal problems. In 2013, ARAG responded to 41,000 telephone legal queries, processed over 375,000 records and resolved 82% of the cases successfully.

the situation:

The client proposed a process of change requiring a particular focus on a payroll integration process with other applications (attendance verification, accounting etc.). In addition to this integration, it would also be necessary to computerize certain concepts, thus unburdening manual work which at the time was occupying a large part of the payroll process, such as securing procedures and regulations, which would allow for a more exhaustive and precise control of each agent to intervene in said process.

the solution:

The objectives established were:

  • Optimize and unify the system of Personnel Management using an outsourced service with a powerful, flexible and secure tool, so as to permit handling the personnel administration and drafting the related costs in an efficient and reliable manner.

  • Integration with other tools for internal control (Attendance verification and Accounting).

  • Guarantees in the implementation (Cost and Deadlines).

  • Standardization of templates for data exchange.

  • Computerization of processes related with the payroll process and personnel management.

  • Inclusion of salary advances and expenses via the Employee Portal, so as not to lose functionality acquired from previous experiences.

  • Inclusion of management of a flexible payment module via the Employee Portal.

  • Regularization of accountability processes.