Payroll outsourcing

Human resource management should seek to develop strategies that translate into results for the company, and from this angle we can consider outsourcing administrative work as an alternative to generate value. The decision to outsource services means improved efficiency when reallocating resources, making the most of economies of scale and the experience of the outsourcer. Productivity in the area of human resources increases as they are freed up from less valuable workloads, enabling them to dedicate more time to achieving strategic objectives.

This service model generates enhanced operational flexibility, guaranteeing business growth and cushioning periods of change (mergers, closures, etc.), not to mention reducing overall property costs (greater transparency of costs as hidden costs emerge) and accessing specialized skills and resources, both technological and business related.

Not worrying does not mean a lack of control. This is an outsourcing model with real-time access to all information at all times, meaning that the client still remains in complete control over outsourced functions. Seresco guarantees the service with its commitment to results by establishing Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).