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Milena Personal is a powerful, flexible and secure platform for the administration of payrolls and human resource management. Milena Personal is modular and allows for the progressive rollout of the individual needs of the company.

It is a reliable solution in which security plays a vital role within the platform. The system has various layers of security to maintain data integrity (access control, group and user profiles, and access to functions or specific data) and a modification register that incorporates security audits to comply with current legislation.

Milena personal

Payroll HR Portal Panel ORP
Milena personal
Updating personal record Selection Updating, personal data (address, bank account, etc.) Staff Basic procedures: jobs, risks, tasks, IPE, PPE, preventive measures, chemical agents, etc.
Monthly pay slips, back wages, severance pay Training Wage receipts Remunerations Risk evaluations
Bonus / subrogations Assessment Certificates Accidents Communications register
Transfers Jobs Personal income tax Withholding Accident investigations
Personal income tax Remuneration Form 45 Absenteeism Planning of preventive measures
Social insurances Occupational health Application for permissions Rotation Reports: Informative job record, Delivery document personal protective equipment, risk evaluation report, Preventative planning report
RED system Structures and organizational charts Scheduling of vacations
Advance payments Sending of incidences to payroll
Loans Advance payments, travel costs
Court-ordered withholding Catalogue of available courses
Delt@, Contrat@, Certific@2
Real-time access