Multi-client service centre

Seresco's multi-client service centre (MSC) provides remote assistance to users in micro-computing environments while at the same time monitoring systems and applications.

This is a process in which an on-going service is provided with attention from specialists in accordance with the client's computer systems, in which payment per use is established, so that if the service is not as agreed, an economic penalty results.


  • Continual attention 24 hours per day, every day of the year, in which incidents are resolved both at night and on holidays. Continual monitoring of the information systems.
  • Establishment of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) oriented to meeting the client's needs, while an economic penalty exists when the indicators established in the SLA are not achieved.
  • Technicians specializing in operating systems, communications, databases, electronic mail, etc. They may also be multi-lingual.
  • Payment for number of calls, incidents or requests, sharing the cost with the rest of the centre's users.