Cartography and cadastre

Seresco is one of Spain's main cartographic companies, and it offers a wide range of solutions for obtaining and exploiting geographic information.


Seresco's Cartography Service produces and updates every type of cartography for public works projects, territory management, environmental studies, urban planning, etc. It takes care of the whole process from the acquisition of the datum, to the creation of products such as thematic cartography, territorial cartography, orthophotography, etc. We have substantial experience in HTB (Harmonized Topographic Base) format, geodesy and topography together with the obtaining of digital orthophotography, remote sensing and the processing of LIDAR altimetry data are also in our repertoire of activities on and outside of the Iberian Peninsula. The use of the latest production technologies and a highly qualified multidisciplinary team means we are able to take on large-scale cartographic projects.


Seresco possesses a broad experience and carries out significant activity throughout Spanish territory in the field of cadastre. At present, Seresco is one of the most important service providers at the national level to the General Directorate of the Cadastre. In addition, Seresco has capacity to draft market studies, projects for updating of the cadastre, and a wide array of technical assistance.